Who is NextAfter and what do you do?

NextAfter is three things: 1) A Digital Fundraising Consultancy 2) A Fundraising Research Lab and 3) An Institute for Online Fundraising

NextAfter's vision is to unleash the most generous generation in the history of the world by discovering and sharing what motivates and inspires people to give. Our mission is to decode what works in fundraising and make it as accessible to as many nonprofits as possible. We do this through three things...

1. A Digital Fundraising Consultancy

Working side-by-side with nonprofit organizations to help them develop and execute research-backed digital fundraising strategies designed to generate sustainable online revenue growth.

Learn more at https://www.nextafter.com/work-with-us/

2. A Fundraising Research Lab

Conducting marketplace research, A/B testing, and digital experimentation to discover what works to attract, acquire, and retain more donors and raise more money online.

Learn more at https://www.nextafter.com/research/

3. An Institute for Online Fundraising

Equipping nonprofit fundraisers and digital marketers with data-driven and evidence-based research, resources, and training.

Learn more at https://www.nextafter.com/institute/