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What Does Certification Mean? What is a Certified Fundraising Optimization Professional (CFOP)?

Passing an exam to any in-person workshop or online course means you are certified in that area, but certain workshops or courses are required to earn your Certified Fundraising Optimization Professional (CFOP) status.

Certification (Bronze or Level 1)

When you attend a NextAfter in-person workshop or take an online, on-demand course and pass the exam, you are certified in that area (for example, if you took the Email Fundraising Optimization workshop/course, you're certified in Email Fundraising Optimization).

Certified Fundraising Optimization Professional (CFOP, Silver, Level 2)

To become a CFOP, you need to take and pass the following workshops/courses:

  • Email Fundraising Optimization
  • A/B Testing for Nonprofits
  • Donation & Landing Page Optimization
  • Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors

There is a Gold or Level 3 certification where you need everything for CFOP/Silver/Level 2 plus:

  • Another workshop/course
  • Applied knowledge through a case study and/or running and logging real experiments

Here's a short video walking through how CFOP works (start at 2:20):