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Where can I watch/re-watch members-only discussions?

Log-in and from your dashboard, click on your membership level or "Community" and find the post with the video and links.

As a NextAfter Institute member, you get invited to more intimate discussions and conversations featuring new research, early insights, and special guests. To view past discussions and recordings, you simply have to log-in and find them in your "community".

How to access past members-only discussions

1. Log-in

Log-in to your account at https://courses.nextafter.com/enrollments

2. Click your Community/membership level

You'll see your membership level community and the number of posts, click it.

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3. Find the post/discussion you're looking for

You'll see a list of posts from past discussions, announcements, and your membership benefits so find the discussion you're looking for to view the video, access slides, etc.

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